Churches & Non-Profit Partners



Here’s a way to support your Churches & Non-Profit.  And get the maintenance you need at a reasonable rate.

Cedar Valley is offering a donation in your name to the church of your choice on any preventive maintenance, service calls, or equipment replacements


Preventative maintenance or service call.  $77 +tax for parishioners $8.00 donation to church of parishioners choice.

Equipment Replacement (Furnace or Air Conditioner).  5% of installation cost before tax is donated to the church of parishioners choice.

System Replacement (Furnace and Air Conditioner).  10% of Installation cost before tax will be donated to the church of parishioners choice.

A copy of the check and stub will be enclosed with the parishioners paid invoice.  There for there will be no question the donation has been made and to whom it was made.

This could be a way to decrease expenses and increase revenue during these hard economic times.


This will be a reward to do the maintenance that you should be doing to extend the life of your system.  You can lower your utility bills and provide better overall comfort.  Put a positive spin on an unfortunate break down.

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