Ruud Water Heaters

Ruud Water Heaters

Ruud Water Heating is the industry leader for total water heating solutions. In fact, Ruud is the brand with extensive product offerings covering conventional tank-type water heaters, tankless water heaters, replacement parts and accessories for all categories – making us a one-stop solutions provider.

All Ruud water heaters meet and exceed rigorous industry standards for quality and reliability. From raw material delivery to finished product assembly, each phase in the manufacturing process is effectively overseen to ensure the highest quality in water heater manufacturing. Ruud products are frequently tested and certified by various government and third-party testing labs to ensure quality standards.

Cedar Valley Heating and A/C will help you determine whats needed for your space, and then deliver and install your new Ruud water heater.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless Water Heaters from Ruud are innovative, new gas tankless water heaters that provide a continuous supply of hot water from an energy-efficient and space-saving design. Imagine never running out of hot water again. Why should you get a tankless gas water heater from Ruud?

tankless water heater
Gas Water Heaters

Tank Water Heaters

Ruud provides tank type water heaters that fit your home or business, as well as your budget, with several options for both gas and electric heated tanks.

Browse Ruud’s entire list of tank water heaters by clicking the image, or give Cedar Valley Heating & A/C a call with any questions.

Professional Ultra Series: Hybrid Electric Water Heater

Professional Ultra® Hybrid Electric is the most efficient water heater available – with up to $5,000 in lifetime savings and less than 2 year payback*


  • Delivers hot water faster than most standard electric water heaters – 67 gallons first-hour delivery for 50-gallon model, 75 gallons FHD for 65-gallon model and 89 gallons FHD for 80-gallon model
  • Ambient operating range: 37-145° F is widest in class, offering more days of HP operation annually; designed to meet Northern Climate Spec (Tier 3)


  • LCD Screen with built-in water sensor alert with audible alarm
  • EcoNet ® WiFi-connected technology and free mobile app gives users control over water systems, allowing for customizable temperature, vacation settings, energy savings and system monitoring at home or away. Visit
  • Water sensor detects water outside of the unit and sends an alert via the free Rheem EcoNet® mobile app to the homeowner
Hybrind Water Heater